Baby-Foot tournament

French version

Continuous registrations !
Play when you want to !
All levels ! 

The baby-foot at LaBRI is on 2nd floor, behind the elevator.
Principal :

A pair of players, PhD student or permanents, whatever, can register at any moment. A team is then added in the match table. To register, please send us a mail
Each month the tournament is resey, the aim is to play all possibles matches without time constraint or order. The organisation is up to you, contact a team you want to challenge !

Once a match or several matches are played, just post the result in the comments of this page or send us a mail.
Example :   « Team 2 won against team 3 !! ».  We will upload the results on the match table ;)

The final aim is to create the largest tournament possible, gathering the most people from the lab, and that would be played all year.

The winning team will have the honor to exhibit the baby-foot trophy in its office before to put it back into play the next month.

They might will also play against the number one team of INRIA in an epic battle for glory!!!
Rules :

As you wish, all we need is a binary result "who won against who?"
A link to basic rules.